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The MADdest Panel

Postby millerdan2009 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:49 pm

Hi, all,

{This panel last ran while we were still in the Hyatt, and with the 65th anniversary approaching in 2017, I figured it's high time we revisited it.}

Sixty-five years ago, comic publisher Bill Gaines created MAD magazine, a periodical that has had a profound legacy within the world of SF/F. MAD has featured musicals devoted to Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings and myriad movie and TV satires, and it has explored every facet of the Harry Potter franchise, as well as the ramifications of what would happen if Superman were raised by a Jewish mother. Come celebrate the Usual Gang of Idiots with Arisia 2017, and we promise not to worry.


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