SteamMonk: Christianity in Victorian England, the American W

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SteamMonk: Christianity in Victorian England, the American W

Postby isaaceverett » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:41 pm

A friends of mine and I were sitting around thinking about this year's theme of cross-culturism and, specifically, the ways in which fiction, if done well, can increase understanding between different religious traditions. (And how fiction, if done poorly, can perpetuate stereotypes and reinforce prejudices.) Toward that end, we'd like to propose the following panel:

SteamMonk: Christianity in Victorian England, the American West, and Historical Fantasy
How can my Victorian Catholic Vampire Hunter cosplay be more historically accurate? Who were the Mormon gunfighters who inspired Dogs in the Vineyard? What impact did Hermeticism have on the religious landscape of the 19th Century? What did period exorcisms actually look like? How can a nonreligious author write religious characters who are nuanced and compelling?

Join a team of scholars, clergy, and nerds as we crack open the opacity of historic religious practice in ways that are engaging, respectful, and non-confrontational.
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