Psi, the Invisible Fandom

Communities is a track that focuses on the communities that many fen are also a part of (but are or can be separate from fannish interests). This includes among others the BDSM, homeschooling, Jewish, Pagan, poly, and SCA communities as well as other self-identifying communities.

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Psi, the Invisible Fandom

Postby dash » Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:31 am

Since the days of John W. Campbell at Astounding, psi has been a staple in SF storytelling, though opportunity for public reflection and discourse on these SFnal presentations of psi, by those with these experiences in real life, has been limited at best. Why do so many psi people find irresistible even problematic SFnal narratives and presentations of psi? As children or adults, how do we identify with these depictions, for better or worse? What do we gain in doing so, and what do we lose? And what from these flawed but enticing narratives do we choose to embrace, reject, reclaim?
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