Why Do We Cheat?

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Why Do We Cheat?

Postby awexelblat » Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:32 am

(a tremendous amount of mainstream fiction involves cheating of various forms, but little SF/F that comes to mind. Depending on the panelists and slant this could be a science panel or a communities panel.)

Cheating happens. We break our relationship promises, we play with people and things we've promised we won't, we eat things and amounts we know we've agreed not to, we fall off the wagon, we booty-call exes we swore never to speak to again. Nobody wants to think of themselves as cheating, but it happens - why? Is it inevitable human frailty? Weakness of will or moral character? What does it say about us as people and about our communities that so many of us cheat so often? Can we make ourselves, our relationships, and our communities stronger by how we deal with cheaters/cheating?
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