Women are not Aliens from Planet Female

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Women are not Aliens from Planet Female

Postby awexelblat » Wed Feb 24, 2016 1:14 pm

(this panel could fit under Literature or Films or Gaming or any other media in which women are represented in SF/F; I'm sticking it here now but moderators feel free to move it if it ought to go elsewhere.)

Here we are well into the 21st Century and we still find ourselves having to check whether a piece of SF/F passes a Bechdel test. We find special praise for "strong" female characters precisely because so many female characters remain little more than wall decoration, victim, or arm-hangers for male leads. Why is this kind of separation still so pervasive? What do we need to do to move past this? Is one form of media (e.g. gaming) particularly retrograde in how it's handling presenting women? What's the best way to respond to this - boycott the bad stuff? Promote the good stuff? Talk to people in position to influence this?

(Note: as a male I'm likely not qualified to be on this panel but I've talked to a dozen or more women at various Arisias in the last three years who've had really interesting things to say on this topic.)
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