Communities is a track that focuses on the communities that many fen are also a part of (but are or can be separate from fannish interests). This includes among others the BDSM, homeschooling, Jewish, Pagan, poly, and SCA communities as well as other self-identifying communities.

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Postby NoBoundariesIPM » Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:28 pm

This feminism is about angry women burning bras, hating men, and pushing for female supremacy? Think again! Find out what feminism really is about, why it's okay to wear mini skirts and lip stick and call yourself a feminist, and how that whole bra burning thing is 100% myth.

Panel would be a talk on feminism, the history, 21st century, what feminism isn't, and would be good to include a mix of genders who call themselves feminist (true feminists).
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