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Maker Software - Workshop or Q&A

Postby gzeb » Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:07 pm

On the modeling forums I participate in several questions pertaining to both paper modeling and 3d printing have been what is the best 3d modeling software to use and details on how to use it have come up. There are also issues of which software provides the data necessary for printing or what data editing may be needed or useful before actually turning to physical outputs such as the usage of photoshop or vector graphic software like Inkscape.

From using Blender I know the learning curve can be steep but the level of required expertise does vary depending on what exactly you need the finished product to be. Whether this should be a workshop where someone does a demo of how to make designs or a particular piece of software or more of a question and answer session probably depends on the experience and resources available to the panel participants and their disposition as to what they would like to do.

Given there is software for different types of computer controlled tools (printers, cutters, 3d printers) and differences about what kind of "making" we are talking about here (3d printing, general concept design, graphics, card modeling, costuming), I left the specifics open.
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