Pinebox Derby

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Pinebox Derby

Postby Professor Fizzle » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:09 am

This is a classic engineering project and a staple of Cub Scouts activities where the kids are supposed to build toy cars to be rolled down a ramp, competing to see whose cars roll the fastest. There has been a long-recognized problem with the event in that these cars tend to require some sophisticated woodworking tools and techniques and raise safety concerns that are beyond most kids of cub scout age, leading to another classical tradition that these cars are often not to be built by the kids at all, but rather their parents. Presumably, these kids then grow up to have cub scouts of their own and get to take the car building out of the hands of their own children, and the tradition goes on.

I think I have worked out a method of building toy cars that could be used on Pinebox Derby-style tracks, also run on gravity, that can be taught to kids so that they can reliably and safely produce and play with working cars. The cars have an easily modifiable design so they can use them as platforms for figuring out what makes which cars go fastest. Furthermore, I know how to structure lessons that dovetail this activity as a lab or series of labs that teaches directly to Massachusetts and Federal curriculum guidelines. The same activity can be used to teach to many academic levels, k-12

I would like to share my idea with Arisia kids, parents, and educators in a workshop.
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