Don't try this at home!

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Don't try this at home!

Postby swilk » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:19 pm

What do people think of this idea? There are some old experiments that are no longer considered safe (and some that were NEVER considered safe) that are nevertheless interesting. The one that suggested this topic to me is the Ammonium dichromate Volcano. A pile of te orange powder it ignited, and it burns with spectacular flames, produicing molten "lava" and generating dark ash that forms a very convincing volcanic cone with caldera around the reacting chemical. Unfortunately, it's not only messy, it's an irritant, it's toxic, and it's a carcinogen. No wonder this isn't done anymore.

But we can watch videos of this: ... ction=view;_ylt=Aw ... t-224&fp=1;_ylt=Aw ... t-224&fp=1

It's not as if kids are then going to go off and make ammonium bichromate volcanos -- they wouldn't be able to obtain it, to begin with. We can sate their volcano-building instincts by making safer versions, using baking soda (or salt in soda, or mentos in Diet Coke, or some such safe alternative): ... olcano.htm ... lcano.html

Other examples we can show safely on video are things at Theo Gray's "Mad Science" website (and books):
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