Masculinity (queer and other) in games

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Masculinity (queer and other) in games

Postby awexelblat » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:32 am ... steal.html

In a brilliant essay for Boingboing, Riley Macleod talks about some of the differences in how maleness and male bodies are presented in games. In particular, Macleod argues, stealth-genre games embody an alternative vision of masculinity. Where sword-swinging MMOs and soldier-centric FPS envision maleness in bulk and muscularity, other genres of gaming present alternative visions - sleek, dextrous, lithe. These alternatives are still clearly male (cis) and almost always heterosexual. But Macleod identifies these presentations with queerness, based in part on his own life experiences.

As women gamers continually struggle to find good representations of themselves in games, male gamers also need alternatives to Conan to envision themselves. What games offer those alternatives? Does variability in the presentation of maleness offer a space for queer and non-gender-conforming gamers?
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