Annoyances to avoid when programming your own video games

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Annoyances to avoid when programming your own video games

Postby Vermillion » Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:52 am

If this is too late for 2016, consider this the first panel proposal for 2017.

Everyone has played games that frustrated them because of the difficulty, or poor performance, or game breaking bugs.

But what about the lesser things that games do, that don't break the game, and don't stop you from playing, but annoy the crap out of you as long as you're playing the game?

Things such as Dreamfall Chapter offering a "Save and Exit" choice from the main menu that doesn't save your game, but only exits. And how Dreamfall requires you to hold down several keys to get your character to move at a slow job around a large maze of a city. Or Undertale not having any volume control. Or the Call of Duty franchise, which only has one volume control bar, not the standard 3 bar selection of SFX/music/dialog, so you gotta have bullets and bombs loud enough to wake the neighbors in order to hear what the characters are saying.

Every player has a list of these nuisances. Come join our panel and help us draw up a list of silly mistakes to avoid, while the programmers and implementors on our panel tell us how technically feasible it is to implement such changes.
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