Celebrating Will Shortz

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Celebrating Will Shortz

Postby millerdan2009 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:14 pm

Hi, all,

I came up with this idea for a panel that may be of interest to Arisia types, even if not exactly SFnal (though it seems ancillary to me, as right up Arisians' alley), in a last fit of overactive brainstorming on my part before the August 21st cutoff. :-)

Specifically, in honor of his 20th anniversary as editor of the New York Times' puzzle and crossword section, a celebration of quirky genius Will Shortz, geek celebrity extraordinaire and former editor of GAMES Magazine. Celebrated by practitioners with the pencil, U.S. Presidents, and on the big screen alike, Mr. Shortz has enthralled puzzle enthusiasts since his college days in the 1970s, and has contributed to Batman Forever and appeared on "The Simpsons". Come with Arisia and explore the world of Will Shortz, and maybe even try a few puzzles of his yourself!

(This panel could be complemented by reprints of puzzles and crosswords he has written for the Times and elsewhere, for attendees to [attempt to] complete before, during, and after the panel.)


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