The Settlers of Catan and the Rise of the Gaming Auteur

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The Settlers of Catan and the Rise of the Gaming Auteur

Postby millerdan2009 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:06 pm

Hi, all,

While certainly not the first so-called "traditional" game to fit this criterion, and while definitely not the first game whose creator entered the public consciousness, Die Siedler von Catan/The Settlers of Catan, first published in 1995, may have been one of the first games whose creator, Klaus Teuber, entered ubiquitous public consciousness in so grand a fashion; since his entry upon the scene, it has become commonplace for strategy games, both more and less abstract, to identify their creator or creators boldly upon the box's cover. Today, truly popular games can make their creators bona fide celebrities of sorts, with each new release anticipated by gaming enthusiasts. What about the spate of strategy games since the 1990s has engendered itself to this phenomenon of the auteur? Is it truly the case that every new release by a Teuber, Reiner Knizia, or Andy and Kristin Looney gets the "drool treatment", or is it the special enthusiasm of the communities traditionally receptive to such games that makes it appear so? Do such enthusiasts have discerning taste, or will they play just any game or expansion with an auteur's name slapped on? Likewise, do flops by such creators jeopardize their status? And perhaps most vital, who is/are the next upcoming auteurs whose games we should be paying attention to?


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