Broad Universe Presents Hands-On Writing Workshops

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Broad Universe Presents Hands-On Writing Workshops

Postby Anna_erishkigal » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:29 pm

Broad Universe 'Broads' are willing to teach a variety of practical hands-on writing workshops to small groups of members with individualized feedback. This would be a good way to put that conference room to use with the big-wide table that nobody can ever really figure out what to do with, or it could be done down on the Concourse during non-peak times.

Workshop possibilities:

- Manuscript Makeover
- Flog the Pro (your first five pages)
- The Heroes Journey
- Plot & Pacing
- Pace Your Novel Like A Thriller
- Creating Realistic Characters
- Writing Dialogue
- How Do I Avoid Head Hopping?
- Overcoming Writer's Block
- Hooking Your Reader
- Other 'skills' as Programming determines would be useful (suggest it ... Broad Universe will scrounge good instructors up).

They're also possibly willing to do this in Teen Lounge as part of the Young Writer's program and/or Fast Track, though that would take a bit more coordination. It could also be done as an introduction panel that then breaks down into working groups. My 13-year-old went to such a workshop at BOSKONE (in that room) and she absolutely loved it. Am going to drop this suggestion in Fast Track forums as well.
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