Marketing Your Book in the Digital Age

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Marketing Your Book in the Digital Age

Postby Anna_erishkigal » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:47 pm

With the rise of online giants like Amazon and iTunes, digital products are a significant source of book sales. How do you set up an affordable website? Should you enroll in Kindle Unlimited? When does it pay to make a book perma-free? The Amazon algorithms. What subtitles and keywords increase your book's online visibility? Which book advertising services work … or don't? Facebook ads: CPC vs. conversions. Freebie snarfers, fora trolls, the 90-day 'cliff', and other issues unique to online marketing. Multi-author box sets: benefits and pitfalls. How do you get readers to sign up for your email list? How do you engage readers without spamming them? And how do you avoid the 'sell a billion books' scams?

Issues that should be discussed:

- The Amazon algorithms
- Subtitles and Keywords as SEO
- To K.U. or not to K.U.?
- When does perma-free work?
- Cheap / D.I.Y. website design
- Build your email list: using MailChimp and Adweber
- Reader magnets - how to lure readers off Amazon onto your mailing list
- Blogging: when it helps … or doesn't
- The social media time-suck
- Which ebook advertising services work? Or don't?
- Freebie snarfers, fora trolls, and other issues unique to digital products.
- Facebook ads: CPC vs. conversion
- Multi-author box sets: benefits and pitfalls
- Scams to avoid

Ideal panelists would:

- Market their own books successfully online
- Be capable of explaining the Amazon algorithms
- Have at least one book 'ranking' on one of the Amazon sub-categories
- Have a website and email reader list /newsletter that they manage
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