Self-Publishing 101: Self-Publish Your Book, Comic or Game

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Self-Publishing 101: Self-Publish Your Book, Comic or Game

Postby Anna_erishkigal » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:53 pm

Do you have an unpublished manuscript sitting in your drawer? Are your gamer friends encouraging you to kickstart your cool RPG? Are you a tradipub author who just got back the rights to your backlist? Would your non-fiction client manual look awesome as a book instead of photocopied papers? This panel of indie authors, comic book artists, and gamers will tell you what resources are out there, scams to avoid, and what to expect. Come over to the Dark Side of indie publishing. We have candy…

This should be a 'how to do the thing' panel.

Issues that should be discussed:

- Maintaining creative control
- Scams to avoid
- Quality control: beta readers, mechanics testing, professional editors, and self-editing
- Cover design: free resources vs. hiring a professional designer
- Distributors: Amazon, Createspace, D2D, Smashwords, GooglePlay, etc.
- Now what? Keeping your expectations realistic.

Ideal panelists would:

- Be a self-published indie author, gamer or comic book creator.
- Be a traditionally published content creator who got the rights to their work back and now self-publishers it.
- Be a 'hybrid' who both self-publishes and traditionally publishes their own stuff.

Potential panelists to tap:

- At least one indie comic or graphic novel publisher.
- At least one self-published gamer.
- At least ONE 'hybrid' author who has gotten back the rights to some of their books and now self-publishes them.

Note: we have always filled to over-capacity every room this panel has ever been put in. There is a desperate need for this information. People would likely come even at a sub-optimal time.
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