How to Run a Writer's / Gamer's / Comic Book Cooperative

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How to Run a Writer's / Gamer's / Comic Book Cooperative

Postby Anna_erishkigal » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:54 pm

Whether you traditionally or self-publish your book, game or comic, most content creators rely on their own efforts to sell their wares. Attending book fairs, conventions and gaming events provides face-to-face contact with avid genre fans, but table fees are steep, there's a lot of competition, and every shyster out there wants to scam your money. Then there are tax issues and other considerations before you turn a profit. Hear members of successful cooperatives discuss the pitfalls and successes, keeping expectations realistic, and how, as a group, they've found more success than going it alone.

Issues that should be discussed:

- Having a coherent purpose beyond simply selling your stuff
- Should you legally incorporate or not?
- Might you qualify as a non-profit organization?
- Setting up a group website
- Sharing costs
- Group education - how do you share information so nobody gets screwed
- Profit-motivated vs. Exposure
- The tax man cometh: how to deal with tax issues

Ideal panelists would:

- Belong to a successful writing / gaming / comic book cooperative that attends at least three major genre conventions each year
- Have some kind of formal 'authority' behind their cooperative, such as being legally incorporated as a non-profit, being registered as a d/b/a, or operating under the patronage of a sponsor organization. i.e., panelists should have some working knowledge of the tax and legal issues involved in selling your merchandise.

Potential panelists to tap:

- Broad Universe would love to do this - they've got one of the most successful and well-organized non-profit cooperatives going.
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