Fannish behavior: For Pity's Sake, Just Ask Your Question

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Fannish behavior: For Pity's Sake, Just Ask Your Question

Postby sydtol1 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:39 pm

"I have a question for the panel. This question is in four parts, and I will be presenting it with the fourth part first, followed by the second, then the first, and finally the third part will be asked last. This will then be followed by a follow-up statement, but first I will present my query with a summary that outlines the way in which my headcanon disagrees with the -" and then the question is never finished, because the heat death of the universe has already begun.

We've ALL been to that panel. We've probably all been that guy. What are we doing that hijacks panels with this kind of behavior? What's the difference between someone who truly is kind of awkward and doesn't understand that they're holding things up, and someone who totally understands that the more they drag their question out, the longer the focus of the room is on them? At what point does the moderator need to step in and politely guide the question to its end?

But primarily, what am I, as a fan, doing that drags a panel down, and what can I do to recognize and alleviate that kind of thing?
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