Fan Fiction Meetups

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Fan Fiction Meetups

Postby Anna_erishkigal » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:15 pm

Fan Fiction just doesn't seem to get any LOVE at ARISIA! Let's devote a late-afternoon meetup segment (or five) for mass Fan Fiction meetups?
Fandom possibilities:

- Marvel / Avengers Fans
- Game of Thrones Fans
- Supernatural Fans
- Star Trek Fans
- Star Wars Fans
- Dr. Who Fans
- Outlander Fans
- Harry Potter Fans
- Hunger Games Fans
- Browncoats (Serenity/Firefly Fans)
- Naruto Fans
- Sailor Moon Fans
- My Little Pony Fans
- Homestuck Fans
- Hetalia - Axis Powers Fans
- Inuyasha Fans
- A gazillion others

Let's also dedicate a few tables to 'Open Meetups' so people can sign up to meet up for any time and/or fandom we don't suggest.

Somebody suggested open meetups only, but after running it past my fanfiction and cosplay friends, they would like SCHEDULED meetups as otherwise ARISIA is shifting the burden to THEM to organize stuff, and fanfiction writers/readers skew towards our younger members who would like -US- to make them feel welcome.

- I'll be at the Captain America / Avengers / Iron Man / Pepperony meetup, *squee*ing with my peeps! Maybe in my Black Widow costume? Or maybe my female Captain America costume?
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