Deadlines? Call for proposals?

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Deadlines? Call for proposals?

Postby hallam » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:03 am

So I log in and find that

1) the deadlines to sign up for panels has passed
2) There is no mention of the deadlines here in the part of the forum that says deadlines will be posted
3) I need a badge number to log in
4) I can't log in even with the badge number after getting it sent to me

This is not an open way to run a conference. To run a conference openly you publish an open call for proposals that contains all the deadlines on the same proposal. None of this 'keep checking back' business. The actual deadlines are obviously known by the insiders who have done this several times in the past and are obviously the same year to year. The year before I only found out about the forum after the deadlines for suggestions there were all passed that despite having checked on the conference web site many times.

Last year people kept asking why I didn't bring the dalek again. Well the reason is that the prop is worth over $10,000 and nobody seemed interested in me bringing it or suggesting a place to keep it safe overnight. It is a non-trivial exercise to get the prop to and from the show. I was thinking of bringing a TARDIS this year but that isn't happening now.

What seems to happen here is that the people in the know only bother to update the public Web site just before a call for participation opens and this is obviously not the place where the deadlines are posted despite saying that is what it is. Yes I know everyone is a volunteer here but that is not an excuse. It creates a very bad impression.
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