Some late-arrival programming suggestions

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Some late-arrival programming suggestions

Postby Weegoddess » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:20 pm

Hi all -

Apologies for the lateness! I apparently fell through those Proverbial Cracks and only now found out about the Forums. It happens. Many thanks to Rachel S. who set me straight.

Disclaimers and Caveats: I realize that the soft cut-off date for programming suggestions was a week ago. I've been having my typical issues with logging in to Zambia (it's a dance we do every year) and thus if there's been a list of programming suggestions available, I haven't been able to view it. Apologies for any inadvertent repetition. Also, I totally get that these suggestions might not be considered for the coming Arisia, or ever. And I accept that I am not guaranteed to be asked to be on these panels if the suggestions are used. Or asked to be on *any* panels, for that matter.

All that said, I did want to throw these out there.

1) How to Feed a Fan:

We all talk about getting healthy and cleaning up our diets. (Ok, most of us do.) But what does that mean? What's really worth changing v. all the fad diet hype? How can I figure out what works for me? Possibly most importantly, how do we feel amazing without losing all Culinary Joy in our lives?

2) How to Fit your Figure:

Not all us [not any of us?] is a perfect size-anything. But there are easy nifty tricks and optical illusions that we can throw into our garb design that can enhance or camouflage, as we choose. Join us for a Spirited Discussion on how to look fabulous no matter what shape are or what we contrive to be.

3) Intro to Massage: People...People who Knead People...

What are the basic strokes of a massage? How do you stay safe and avoid the ouchie bits? How can you help relax the Unrelaxable? Join us with a partner (or let us pair you off) to learn the very basics of head/neck/shoulder and hand massage. Participants will remain fully clothed during this discussion and demo, but wearing an open-necked shirt or tank top would likely be beneficial. Everyone should bring a towel. Also, consider bringing your own massage oil if you have a preference or are sensitive to certain oils/scents. Otherwise, solid massage bars will be used and shared among the participants.

Hope this was a help...
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