Who would win? Enterprise vs. M. Falcon...sort of

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Who would win? Enterprise vs. M. Falcon...sort of

Postby gzeb » Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:46 pm

Someone recently posted the IO9 video where this question was posed to attendees of comic-con at the Starship Modeler's off topic forum. Oddly enough as silly as the question might seem, it has created a lot of discussion. Aside from the ST vs. SW issues, there are some very interesting and odd things about how technology is used and the apparent technological capability of each universe as well. I even noticed that in many ways the technology is not only limited by what could actually be shown in media (ST's tech being created and limited to 60s TV effects), there are also the root story models for each. For example, in many ways the SW tech and weaponry seems equal in capacity and deployment to WWII warfare, substituting planets for island warfare. This should not be surprising given the connections of SW to 30s movie serials and classic WWII movies. Gene Roddenberry often professed the connection of ST to Horatio Hornblower and similarly you can find parallels of the way the technology is used in those stories, a kind of Master and Commander in Space. This last aspect is tinged by the certain knowledge ST's creators had of the menacing power of Cold War weapons and understandably extrapolated them into the future.

That's why the "sort of" because this should not devolve into a shouting match of Han Solo's qualities vs. Kirk as captain :)
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