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Announcing the US Premiere of 'Doom, Gloom and Despondency!'

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:25 pm
by crewgrrl
This is a serious, formal, thematic, judged song contest. Attendees are expected to maintain a solemn aspect (e.g. dark clothes, long face, and soft, respectful speech). In the event of a breach of decorum (e.g. laughter), the offender will be evicted for the duration of the current song—and the singer will receive bonus points. Contestants should sign up in advance at Program Nexus.

"Doom, Gloom & Despondency" is a long-standing popular event at the annual Sidmouth Folk Week in England, and we hope it will become a similar tradition at Arisa.

*** This just in! Mike Gibson from England will be here to M.C.! ***