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This paper aims to describe the physiology and path physiology associated with changes in brain temperature, with particular focus on acutely ill patients suffering from severe traumatic brain injury, stroke, or Max synapse Brain subarachnoid hemorrhage. Energy production in humans derives from glucose, protein, and fat metabolism. The end products of aerobic metabolism are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. The production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main intracellular energy storage molecule, is accompanied by heat (Figure 1). The energy lost during electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation is largely converted into heat and contributes to maintaining body temperature at 37°C. The Max Synapse combustion of glucose and protein produces 4.1 kcal/kg, while fat combustion yields 9.3 kcal/kg. Heat production depends, therefore, on energy metabolism [5].
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I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!
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